Model Q228/Q268/Q288/Q289 series


BASE: Epoxy coated steel
CARRIAGE SURFACE: Epoxy coated steel or Stainless steel
BLADE: stainless steel blade
  Model   Blade
  Q228/Q268   190 mm
  Q288/Q289 220 mm
COUNTERBLADE: Epoxy coated steel
BLADE MOUNT: Die cast aluminium
MOTOR: Universal electric motor
  LEISTUNG   Models  
  100W   Q228-100/Q268-100  
  105W   Q228-150/Q268-150/Q288-150/Q289-150  
KB: 10 min.


Operate this product only as specified in this manual described and observe all safety instructions. Misuse can cause injury.

This device must not be used by children. Keep the unit and its connecting cable out of the reach of children.

Children must not play with the appliance. They do not recognize the Danger that can arise when working with electrical equipment.

This unit can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and / or knowledge when they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the safe use of the device and understand the resulting risks.

Check that the switch is turned OFF before inserting the plug into the socket. Adjust the slice thickness as desired by turning the handle to the appropriate position. Place the food on the carriage and turn the slicer ON. For best performance, move the carriage backwards and forwards smoothly and do not press the meat too hard against the blade.

The duration of your forwards/cutting stroke should be 2-3 seconds. The duration of your backwards stroke should be at least as long as the duration of your forwards/cutting stroke, and in any case at least three full seconds or longer.

This appliance must be used with the sliding feed table and the piece holder in position unless this is not possible due to the size or shape of the food.

Turn the unit off and disconnect it from the power supply when you leave the unit unattended before attaching or removing accessories, and before cleaning.

This appliance conforms with the Ministerial Decree 10/04/1984 (EEC Directive 82/499) concerning the elimination of radio disturbances.

When using the slicer, always hold the food against the sliding carriage. Use the food press to hold the food against the blade, unless this is not possible due to the size or shape of the food.

This electric slicer has been designed to operate for short periods (max 10 min.)

Switch off the appliance before changing accessories or approaching parts that move in use.

If the mains cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid hazards.


Always unplug the slicer and turn the slice-thickness handle to the zero position before cleaning. NEVER IMMERSE THE UNIT IN WATER, as this would damage the electrical components. Surfaces in contact with food should be cleaned with a slightly damp, lint free cloth.

Cleaning the Blade

Caution: the blade is extremely sharp -- please take proper care, otherwise there is a risk of serious injury. The stainless steel blade can be cleaned with a slightly damp, lint free cloth. The area behind the blade should also be cleaned occasionally. To access this area, remove the center screw with a coin in the clockwise direction, as indicated by the arrow on the screw. Be careful when removing the blade, and be careful with the blade while cleaning the area behind the blade. After cleaning, reattach the blade following the steps in reverse. Only tighten the screw gently, there is no need to over tighten.